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We wish to explain to you the basic terms referring to the data contained in our projects.

(also called typical or catalogue project) is a developed plan of a building in architectural, construction and installation branches (available in 4 copies) and intended for use by an unspecified number of buyers-investors.

USABLE FLOOR AREA is the total surface area of all rooms inside the building. Under slants, i.e. in the attic, it is calculated depending on the height:

- above 2.2 m - 100%
- between 1.4 m - 2.2 m - 50%
- below 1.4 m - 0% (it is not counted as the usable floor area).

In the descriptions of the views there are usually two types of surface areas: usable floor area and, in brackets, floor area.

BUILDING AREA is the surface area of the building after the finishing works. It is calculated by the outer contour of the house on the level of the ground floor together with terrace and external staircase.

TOTAL AREA is the surface area calculated by the outer contour of the building on all storeys with the elements beyond the body of the building.

CUBIC VOLUME - volume of the building (total area times the height of the storey) calculated in the outer contour of all the under- and overground storeys.

RIDGE (a) and EAVES (b) are the edges of the roof slopes; ridge is the upper edge, and eaves is the lower one.

KNEE WALL (c) is a small, vertical load-bearing wall in the attic, placed in the line of external house walls (on a tie beam below the storey) thanks to which the roof slope does not start from the floor.

MINIMUM PLOT SIZE are defined in the construction regulations:

- 4 m in case of a wall with window openings and doorways,
- 3 m in case of a wall without window openings and doorways,
- eaves, balcony, small roof over the entrance, terrace and stairs cannot be located closer than 1.5 m from the boundary with the neighboring plot,
- when the plot is narrower than 16 m the house can be built within the plot's boundary or not closer than 1,5 m from the boundary with the neighboring plot.

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