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Regulations concerning shopping in the LK&Project Internet shop

1. General information

1.1. The regulations define the conditions and rules of sales by the company LK&Projekt Sp. z o.o. with a business premises at ul. Wiśniowa 16/71 in Krakow. Entry in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the Regional Court of Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Economy Commercial Division of the National Court Register under nr KRS 0000132491. TIN 676-007-54-78.
1.2. The Internet shop can be operated from the following addresses:,,,,,,
1.3. A sale taking place via the above listed websites has the form of remotely signed agreement between the one who makes the order, referred to as the customer, and the seller, hereinafter referred to as LK&Projekt.
1.4. The customer can be any human person, legal entity or organization not having a legal entity, who has an Internet address and full legal capacity.
1.5. Each customer who places an order in the LK&Projekt Internet shop is required to read the regulations of the shop. Not knowing the regulations does not absolve the customer from the rules therein.
1.6. While placing an order the customer confirms that he or she has read the regulations and confirms that he or she approves what is written therein.

2. Placing an order

2.1. LK&Projekt conducts business connected with the sale of ready projects of houses, garages and other buildings, cost estimates, color sets, project documentation in PDF format, models and others, referred to hereinafter as Products.
2.2. The ordering of products takes place via the websites:,,,,,,, by e-mail:, as well as by telephone at: 12/411 88 45 and by fax: 12/412 63 73 .
2.3. Giving personal information in the registration form is necessary in order to carry out the sale trans action. It is in the interest of the Customer to give correct information which will enable contact and the shipment of the product . LK&Projekt is not responsible for the repercussions resulting from giving incorrect personal information.
2.4. Giving personal information by the customer is voluntary, however, failure to give such information makes it impossible to make a purchase. When making a purchase the customer agrees to the processing of his or her personal details for the purpose and in the scope necessary for the seller to carry out the order as well as for marketing purposes, however only for the sole purpose of LK&Projekt.
2.5. LK&Projekt reserves the right not to take an order in the case that the personal information given by the customer during registration was not sufficient, incorrect or not real.
2.6. After placing an order, the customer immediately receives a confirmation sent to his or her email address that LK&Project has taken their order.
2.7. The realization of the order begins with the telephone verification by LK&Projekt, in the case of:

a) orders paid for on arrival– after the customer confirms his or her order;
b) orders paid for by bank transfer -– after the money appears on LK&Projekt’s company bank account;
c) orders paid for by credit card– in the moment of the authorization of the customer’s card

There is a VAT invoice issued with each order. The VAT invoice is issued:

a) when payment is made on arrival of the order - when Lk&Project receives the payment and it is then sent to the customer at a later time;;
b) in the case of payment by bank transfer – on the day the order is realized
c) in the case of payment by credit card – on the day the order is realized

2.9. The customer can make changes in his order or withdraw the order during the telephone conversation with the consultant from the sales department who is calling to confirm the order. If the customer says nothing at this time, the order is thought to be confirmed.
2.10. All the prices in the shop are in Polish currency and include the VAT tax. The prices which are binding are those valid at the time of ordering a product.
2.11. LK&Projekt reserves the right to change the prices of specific products, set sale prices and also withdraw them.

3.Realization of your order

3.1. All orders are shipped through the agency of Poczta Polska. On the special request of our client the order may be sent through the agency of the courier Pocztex. Shipments are realized only in the borders of Poland.

3.2. The cost of shipping by Poczta Polska depends on the value of the placed order:

a) a shipment up to 500 PLN – costs 10zł
b) shipment from 500 to 1000 PLN – costs 25zł
c) a shipment over 1000PLN – costs 35zł
d) each EXTRA24 shipment – costs 50zł.

The above prices include the VAT tax.

3.3. Orders are realized in:

a) a postal shipment – up to 3 work days
b) EXTRA24 shipment- next day arrival;
c) in the case of projects which are not fully designed, the date of receiving your product will be set individually when your order of the project is confirmed. There is a memo next to each project which is still in the process of being designed. Consultants in the sales department May also inform about this. To reach them call: 12/411 88 45 .

3.4. In the LK&Projekt Internet shop you can pay in the following ways:

a) pay in cash upon arrival
b) bank transfer to the following bank account:
ul. Wiśniowa 16/71, 31-426 Kraków
Pekao S.A. III Oddział Kraków 59 1240 2294 1111 0000 3708 8110
c) pay by credit card

4. Returns and exchanges

4.1. According to the act of 30.05.2014 (Dz.U. 2014 poz. 827) a customer has the right to return a product (here meaning project) up to 14 days from the day of purchase without giving a valid reason. The only condition is that you send back the documentation in the original unopened box, with the full contents. The unpacking of the package is equal to having used the documentation and cannot be returned. Please inform the sales department of LK&Project about all returns.

4.2. After 10 days the customer has the right to exchange the product for another one (of at least the same value of the one previously ordered) for up to 30 days under the following conditions:
a) We charge 300zl (+23 %VAT) for the exchange of a project, which covers the expenses of new documentation. If, when returned, any part of the product (here project) is damaged we charge 10% of the documentation’s value. We would also like to inform that if the documentation is very damaged we have the right refuse to exchange the product (here project). All exchanges must be finalized by the Sales Department of LK&Projekt. In the case of exchange, the customer pays for shipping costs.
b) the exchange of a product (here project) must be made only for a product (here project) which has been fully completed. There is a memo next to each project which is still in the process of being designed. Consultants in the sales department May also inform about this. To reach them call: 12/411 88 45

4.3. The return and exchange of all other products on CDs (color set, cost estimate, project documentation) is possible only in the original and undamaged packaging.

5. Complaints.

5.1. All complaints may be placed in the Sales Department at ul. Wiśniowa 16/71,
31-426 Kraków, by telephone at 12/ 411 88 45 or by email:
5.2. Each complaint should include the exact information of the Customer: first name, surname, address, type of product which is the topic of complaint, number of invoice as well as the reason and justification for the complaint.
5.3. Each complaint will be looked into as soon as possible and the customer will be notified immediately about LK&Project’s decision about the matter.

6. Endnotes.

6.1. All the products show on the websites:,,,,,, are protected by copyrights and property rights. It is illegal to copy or distribute the materials found on the above listed websites without the written permission and knowledge of the owners of these copyrights and property rights.
6.2.The following websites:,,,,,, are not a sales offer according to the regulations of the Civil Code. They are only an invitation to sign an agreement. (art. 71 CC).
6.3. All the projects shown on the above listed websites may be different than those found on the real existing project documentation due to our ongoing effort to increase the quality of the products we offer to our customers.
6.4. LK&Projekt is not responsible for the content of the advertisements and sponsored articles.
6.5. The court which has jurisdiction over any case concerning disputes resulting from the agreement is the competent court for LK&Projekt’s business premises.


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