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Energy Performance Certificate is a document specifying the quality of the building from the viewpoint of energy consumption. From 1 January 2008 it is required to submit a copy of this document to the application for permission to use the building.

Prices of certificate from 200 zł (+ 23% VAT) + shipping fee

Completion date will be determined with the client.

* Orders are accepted for buildings located within 150 km from Krakow. Beyond this distance, any travel or accommodation expenses shall be charged for.


Order for the energy performance certificate can be placed by deciding on one of the available forms:

  • purchase the project online via www.lk-projekt.pl
  • telephone order in the sales department by calling 012/411 88 45
  • order by fax in the sales department by calling 012/ 412 63 73
  • via email: agnieszka@lk-projekt.pl
  • in person in the sales department on 16/71 Wiśniowa Street in Kraków

When placing an order please give your name, exact shipping address, phone number and the exact name of the project and indicate its version. Additional information like house technology, type of heating system, hot service water, type of ventilation, alternative energy sources, etc.) will also be useful. Any rules for online orders can be found in the rules of purchase.

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tel./fax +48 (12) 412 63 73
+48 (12) 411 88 45
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