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The LK&Projekt company has been on the market since 1991. The following people make it what it is today:

Leszek Kalandyk
Finance Manager: Danuta Kalandyk

The project teams:

e-mail: biuro@lk-projekt.pl

Leszek Kalandyk e-mail: kalandyk.leszek@lk-projekt.pl

Leszek Kalandyk – a Polish architect, born on 14 January 1955 in Kętrzyn. He is said to be one of the leading architects of detached houses as well as residences. In 1980 he graduated from Architecture Department of Politechnika Krakowska. Earlier, he had learnt at Towarnicki Technical School in Rzeszów. It was a great experience and the best preparation for his job. In 1983 he achieved the professional powers to design. At that time he used to work at “Inwestprojekt” Warszawa in the Cracovian office. Two years later he was awarded for “The Project of the Year 1985” for the concept of a building on St. Philip Street in Kraków by the Society of Polish Architects in Cracow. In 1986 he got the official number 836 and the rights to design. Five years later, in 1991, he established his own architecture company LK&Project, which is still functioning perfectly well.

Two years later he published the first magazine “Dom Jednorodzinny. Projekt&Realizacja”. In that magazine a part of his offer is presented. The magazine is directed for people who want to build a house or a residence. In 2010 he was honoured twice in “Twój dom – dialog z tradycją” contest which was organised by the authorities of Warmińsko – Mazurskie province. The main idea which he follows while designing is creating the perfect relationship between the investor and the architect. It is based on cautious listening to the investor and defining the needs. That is why all the projects are unique – they are suited for the personality, dreams and desires of the investor.

Leszek Kalandyk is the person for whom there are no bad and poor conditions or demands. All the elements influence the final efect.
Architecture is like a paused music for him. To reach a musical masterpiece all the notes must be composed in a perfect harmony. The same is in designing – all the details must match.From the very beginning he works at his favourite drawing board because only in such conditions the best proportions of the design are obtained. He gets inspiration from the traditions of Polish architecture as well as his numerous journeys. While designing, the music always accompanies him. It furnishes him with a lot of power and genuine ideas. Last but not least Leszek Kalandyk is the great enthusiast of Jimmy Hendrix and his music.

In the job he concentrates mainly on designing detached houses but also others like:

  • Kindergarden for children with spastic paralysis (Zakon Maltański, Kraków, Kasztanowa street)
  • Conference and Teaching Centre (Collegium Medicum, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Kraków, Jagiellońska street)
  • Hotel in Oświęcim, Dąbrowski street
  • Church in Siedliszowice
  • Cemeteries in Alwernia, Kwaczal, Libiąż

Natalia Kozioł e-mail: natalia.d@lk-projekt.pl

Eliza Makowska e-mail: eliza.m@lk-projekt.pl

Jacek Drzewiecki e-mail: jacek.d@lk-projekt.pl

Justyna Pustelnik: justyna.p@lk-projekt.pl

Aleksandra Konopka: aleksandra.k@lk-projekt.pl

Klaudia Bożek: klaudia.b@lk-projekt.pl

Bartłomiej Szewczyk: bartek.s@lk-projekt.pl

Pamela Piech: pamela.p@lk-projekt.pl


e-mail: biuro@lk-projekt.pl

Ewa Bujak


e-mail: sprzedaz@lk-projekt.pl

Katarzyna Cyganik

Ewa Górka


Danuta Kalandyk
e-mail: reklama@lk-projekt.pl

Marta Janusz
e-mail: marta.j@lk-projekt.pl

Roman Pavkin
e-mail: redakcja@lk-projekt.pl


Editor in chief:
Leszek Kalandyk
e-mail: kalandyk.leszek@lk-projekt.pl

Marta Janusz
e-mail: marta.j@lk-projekt.pl, redakcja@lk-projekt.pl

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tel./fax +48 (12) 412 63 73
+48 (12) 411 88 45
e-mail: biuro@lk-projekt.pl


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