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FAQ – Most frequently asked questions

How to order?

1. How to place an order for a project?
2. How to order a free catalogue?
3. How long do you wait for a project?
4. Where can I find the list of partner companies?
5. Is it possible to return a project?

Ready-made project

1. Can you see the project before buying it?
2. Is it possible to reach the investor who builds the particular house?
3. What does the project include?
4. Is the bought project enough to apply for a planning permission?

Changes in the project

1. Is it possible to have changes in the project?
2. Does LK&Projekt Architectural Studio make changes in the project?


1. How much does a project cost?
2. How much is a cost estimate and what does it include?
3. Can you receive a project in electronic form?
4. In what form can you pay for a project?

5. What is the cost of the consultation with architect?

Additional options

1. Does LK&Projekt give Electricity Certificates?

How to order?

1. How to order a project?

After choosing a project from the LK&Project offer you can make an order by choosing one of the following forms?
- buy the project online on our website www.dom-jednorodzinny.pl

- order by telephone by calling our sales department at 012/411 88 45
- order by faxing our sales department at 012/ 412 63 73
- by email at sprzedaz@lk-projekt.pl
- personally in our sales department at the following address : ul. Wiśniowa 16/71 in Krakow
- in one of our partner offices which can be found all over Poland (a list of companies can be found in the tab Representatives)
When placing an order please give us your first name, surname, the exact address of the shipment, telephone number and the exact name of the project including which version (catalogue or mirror)

2. How to order a free catalogue?

In our catalogue we present part of our wide selection of Project. Older, archive issues may be sent to you completely free of charge. The newest catalogue may be bought for a small price of only 4,90zl in Empik shops and Ruch kiosks all around Poland.
You can order by:
- telephone at 012/ 411 88 45
- email at sprzedaz@lk-projekt.pl or ulaszarek@lk-projekt.pl
- by using one of the order forms on our website in the tab „order – catalogue”

3. How long is the wait for a project?

The wait for a project is about 3 work days..
In the case that the project is currently being designed, (which our sales department consultant will inform about), the time will be longer by a minimum of 4 weeks.

In the case of personal individual projects, the whole process of design and development of paperwork is arranged directly with the investor.

4. Where can I find the list of Partner Offices?
The list of Partner Offices can be found in the tab „Representatives” on our website and is divided according to region. In our catalogue you can find a list of the 300 most active partners from around Poland.

5. Can I return a project?

According to the act of March 2nd 2000 (Dziennik Ustaw [Journal of Laws]. No. 22, item 271) you have the right to return a project up to 10 days from the day of purchase without giving a valid reason. The only condition is that you send back the documentation in the original unopened box, with the full contents. The unpacking of the package is equal to having used the documentation and cannot be returned. Please inform the studio about all returns.

After 10 days there is a possibility to exchange the project for another one (of at least the same value of the one previously ordered) for up to 30 days. We charge 300zl (+23 % VAT) for the exchange of a project, which covers the expenses of new documentation. If, when returned, any of the project documentation is damaged we charge 10% of the documentation’s value. We would also like to inform that if the documentation is very damaged we may refuse to exchange the project.
You can only exchange a project which is fully designed. Our consultants in the sales department will inform you which projects are fully designed or not. They may be reached at 012/411 88 45.

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Ready-made project

1. Can you see the project before buying it?

In order to help you choose the appropriate project for you, we will answer any of your questions. Additionally, if you wish, we can give you access to chosen detailed drawings of the architecture in PDF files. You are also able to look at each project personally in the sales department at ul. Wiśniowa 16/71 in Krakow.

In order to receive a PDF file with the chosen drawing please contact us by telephone at 012/ 412 42 71 or email us at biuro@lk-projekt.pl.

2. Is it possible to contact investors building the house of the chosen project of our studio?

Unfortunately, due to ‘the protection of personal data’ act we do not give out information about the realization of our projects. At our website there is a tab „Realizations” where you can find photos of some of the already built houses.

3. What does the project include?
The documentation which you receive from our studio consists of four copies of the architectural-constructional project. It contains the following:


• technical description – a description of the accepted constructional and material solutions, basic technical and area data, the description of functions
• a view of the foundation – combined footing and foundation walls, how deep the foundation is, axis’ of the building
• views of all the storeys – horizontal dimensions of the building, all rooms as well as other closed surfaces, positioning and size of the windows and doors, construction elements of the building, positioning of the fireplaces and chimneys, location of basic sanitary and kitchen appliances
• view of the roof truss – system of the roof construction elements
• a list of the basic elements of the roof truss, list of materials and the amount of needed wood as well as a list of the needed materials for the: roofing, roof truss, , elevation, interior plaster, covering on land, covering of roof and ceiling, terraces and balconies, attic insulation, chimneys and fireplaces, ferroconcrete constructions, partition walls, exterior walls, interior walls, exterior stairs, foundation walls, combined footing
• view of the roof - shape, dimensions, roof slope angle of depression and kind of roof drainage
• sections – essential number of sections showing all sectional layers, horizontal dimensions of the building (layers, constructional elements)
• elevation – show the body of the building from outside as well as a description of the used materials and colors
• a list of woodwork - drawings, dimensions, as well as the number of windows and doors included in the project together with instructions on how to open them


  • description of the constructional project
  • static and dynamic strength calculations
  • description of constructional positions (foundation views, views of specific levels, views of the roof truss, sections)
  • drawings of constructional details


includes positioning and description of all interior installation in the building

  • water supply and sewerage system
  • central heating installation
  • gas installation
  • electrical installation
  • lightning installation
  • project of tank for fluid sewage


A full cost estimate with calculations for all stages of construction, materials, equipment, labor as well as cost specifications according to prices in force in Gambud construction plot (which belongs to the PSB group) for the given period (this is prepared on individual demand and is charged for additionally)

4. Is the bought project enough to apply for a planning permission?

The bought project is not a building project yet. It will become a part of the building project only when adapted to the conditions at the place of construction (adapting the foundations to the land parameters) by a qualified designer, preparing a land and plot planning project as well as a project for the exterior installation connections.

According to the building law (Act – Building law from July 7th 1994. Art. 34) a building project should include:
- a land and plot planning project, prepared on a current map, including: the borders of the plot or terrain, location, a description and layout of the existing and planned buildings, utilities system, drainage or sewage system, transportation layout and greenery arrangement, while pointing out characteristic elements, dimensions, ordinates and mutual distances of the buildings, with reference to the existing and future neighboring building development areas.

2) architectural and construction project which defines the function, form and structure of the building, its energy and environmental performance and the proposed technical and material solutions, showing the rules of being in keeping with other buildings mentioned in Art. 5 sec. 1, point 4 – including a description of accessibility for the disabled.

3) according to your needs:

a) declarations of proper organizational units about providing the supplies of energy, water, heat and gas, wastewater treatment and about the conditions of connecting the building to the water supply, electricity, sewerage, heat, gas and telecommunication systems and roads.

b) declaration of proper road operator about the possibility of connecting the building lot to a public road in accordance with the regulations on public roads.

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Changes in the project

1. Are changes in the project possible?

Changes in the project are possible. When buying a project, when asked, we give the investor free permission from the author of the project for specific changes made by the buyer.

2. Does the LK&Projekt studio make the changes in the project?

As a studio of ready projects, LK&Projekt does not make small personal changes in the projects. We can, however, prepare a “semi-personal” project or partly personal on the basis of the existing project. The price of this project will probably be higher than that of the original project.

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1. How much does a project cost?

The prices of the projects are shown in Price and Project list tab. The prices of the individual projects are agreed on directly with the investor after a thorough discussion about his expectations.
The projects are sent by a postal service, the shipping cost is added to the cost of the product.

2. How much is a cost estimate and what does it include?

A cost estimate can be ordered from 200zl net pay. For specific projects the price is agreed on individually depending on the area and how complicated the body of the building is. Our cost estimate includes:
• bill of quantity (BOQ) – contains total surface area of all the building elements and materials, we are offering two types of BOQ:
- full – created in the cost estimate program Zuzia, which you will receive on paper
- so called „blind” cost estimate (electronic version) – a tabular chart in Excel which allows us to:
- adapt the cost estimate to your needs. It is obvious that we choose specific building materials according to our preferences and suitably to your financial possibilities.

- change the amount of the used materials, thanks to which we can economize by choosing cheaper materials, resign from some of the finishing elements, plan the construction in stages,
- the comparison of offers from a number of contracting companies by choosing the most attractive price
- investing cost estimate – which includes a description of specific stages of construction. We describe construction works and equipment as well as suggested materials. You can choose from two types of this kind of cost estimate:
- full – created in the cost estimate program Zuzia, which you receive on paper
- the co called cost estimate with prices (electronic version) – a tabular chart in Excel with precisely proposed solutions and prices including the labor, material and utensils costs (RMS).
The installation costs are calculated using the ratio/indicator method.

3. Can you obtain the project in electronic form?

You can obtain an electronic version of the project on personal request. It is, however, of additional charge, the amount being set individually for each client. An electronic version of the project can be obtained by the investor’s special request for an additional, individually established charge. A version of the so called project documentation in pdf files is also available. It contains chosen elements of the designed architecture. It consists of the following files: 4 views of the elevation, views of the levels and two sections.

4. What are the possible forms of payment?

Forms of payment: There are three possible forms of payment: by credit card when shopping online, by bank transfer or when personally collecting your project. The transfer can be made by transferring the appropriate amount to the following account:
Pekao S.A. III Oddział Kraków
59 1240 2294 1111 0000 3708 8110
The payment can also be made upon receiving the postal shipment of the project or when personally collecting the project in the sales department.
We do not accept debit cards.

5. What is the cost of the consultation with architect?

In the process of designing an individual project there is no cost of the consultation. Otherwise  advice or consultation cost 200 zł +23 % Vat .

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Additional options

1. Does LK&Projekt prepare Electricity Certificates?

We also provide the service of issuing electricity certificates for projects of our authorship, of course after the construction of the home. You can order the certificate by telephone at 012/ 412 42 71, by writing an email to agnieszka@lk-projekt.pl or by using the tab „order electricity certificates” on our website.

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